What do we do?

 We try to produce a competent workforce whom capable of facing any challenge

The design phase of work consists of ideas or proposals design, feasibility studies, program planning, schematic design, three-dimensional presentations or animations, sketches, budget planning and supervision.

Civil Engineering consultation including structural design planning such as buildings, roads and bridges, railways, environmental planning and urban design.

Development of Application System for PC and Mobile Phones. Information Management System, Website Development, Application Desktop, also the making of Multimedia as a medium of communication, socialization and presentation to stakeholders.


Fujicon Priangan Perdana in collaboration with FORUM 8, which is well known as Technical Analyst of Application Development Company in Japan. We have a purpose to transfer the applications developed by FORUM 8 to Indonesia. One application that we strongly recommend is UC-Win/Road to support the analysis and calculation of civil engineering design and urban planning, there are:

  • Road simulation

  • Vehicle simulation

  • Pedestrian Simulation

  • Traffic Simulation

Construction Management

Integrity Working Operational and Transparency provide sense of safe to the Owner/Investor related to non-construction projects operational. Starts from supporting of licensing arrangement in accordance with government regulations regarding the establishment of the company, building, company operational, environmental, security and others, are made honestly and transparently. With the result that Owner/Investor does not need to worry to get inflation of costs that incurred in the process to obtain non-procedural activity.

3D Virtual Reality

The high demand of socialization medium regarding urban planning design and development, encouraging us to produce a virtual-interactive product that able to present the information and complete data. Either geographically data or informative, and keeps the accuracy of the data based on the technical rules.

Information Systems Development

Along with the development of information technology and the high level of competition in the business world. Then, the right application and management of information systems in company become absolutely necessary in determining the success of the company.

Database Management System Development

In decision-making in daily operations, or in strategic planning for the future. The decision process should be guided by the data and information that is timely and appropriate content so that the decisions taken on target. Information was obtained from data processing, and data processing carried out by the information system with information technology support.


Technology of Multimedia is growing rapidly along with the development of technology. Multimedia capabilities in conveying messages and information by combining elements of text, images, sound and video, made thousands of companies around the world became successful to market their products. Computers and Multimedia are useful for interactive information media by combining elements of text, images, sound, video and action script to control the animation.

Maintenance Support

We provide "Maintenance Support" services to maintain and support the continuities of your IT tools in supporting your ongoing business. By our maintenance supporting, your IT infrastructures are more secure and will be our priority.